Sunday, 5 October 2014

visiting india + mini movie

hello !

recently i visited my bestest friend and pen pal India for 2 days ! we had so much fun doing craft, cartwheeling, shopping, eating yummy and adorable food, going to Zali ( from Miss Zali Blog ) and Rachel's ( from I Make. You Wear It. ) craft workshop and meeting some awesome peeps and of course, because India is such an amazingly spectacular person, i just HAD to make a mini movie about her and her wonderfully quirky ways.  

life is wonderful when you have such amazing friends like India.

visit India's blog for a fun filled post here about our stay together ! i love it so so much.

thanks for such an amazing time India ! xxx.

ella XO.


  1. Thank you so much for the mini movie ! I will treasure it ! ( if I could fit it in my treasure chest. ) xx

  2. This is amazing Ella! Love it! All your filming is so good!
    xx Harper

  3. love the mini movie !! super cute x also love the song hehe !