What inspired you to start a blog ?
I was inspired to start a blog by all the other girls my age who had amazing blogs that I enjoyed reading. I also love to share ideas and creativity and it sounded like something fun to do, so I decided to give it a go and here I am !

How did you come up with your blog name ?
Coming up with a blog name can be really difficult - its the kind of thing that just pops into your head while you're in the shower or staring out the window or riding an elephant, you know ? When I was coming up with my blog name, I knew I wanted to incorporate my name, have a unique name and something that wasn't too long to say or type. "Utterly" is one of my favourite words, so I came up with "utterly ella" as a blog name and I love it ! 

What blog platform do you use ?
I use Blogger because it is free and relatively easy to use. I do recommend it for beginners because it is quite straight forward and has a nice layout.

Who are your favourite artists ?

What art and craft supplies do you use ?
My favourite craft supplies are POSCA pens, confetti, washi tape (MT case and masté are my favourite brands), coloured and glitter paper, watercolour paints and polka dot stickers.

Where do you get your confetti from ?
I buy ordinary confetti from the newsagent or dollar-store. Have a look in the art and craft section of your local newsagent and in the party section of a dollar-store. Sometimes I also use Poppies For Grace mini confetti.

What are your favourite brands and shops ?
I have way too many favourites ! I really love Country Road, Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Gorman, H&M and David Jones for clothing. My favourite shops for other bits and bobs are Kinokuniya, MUJI, Kikki.K and pretty much any other little cute shops.

What camera do you use and how do you edit your instagram photos ?
I use my iPhone 5s to take photos and then I use the app VSCO cam to edit them and I also use the editing tools that come on Apple devices on photos.

What is your favourite colour ?
I love all colours so I probably can't choose just one, but I really do love pink and yellow.

How old are you ?
I have very recently turned fourteen !

What are your favourite blogs ?
You can go HERE to see a full list of some of my favourite bloggers/blogs.

How can I start a blog ?
Making a blog is very easy, just choose a blogging platform (Blogger, Wordpress, etc) and from there it should give you simple instructions on how to create it, post and customise it. The only tricky part is the HTML which I still do not understand at all but you don't need that until much later.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers ?
Yes ! BE YOURSELF, BE UNIQUE AND BLOG ABOUT WHAT YOU LOVE ! Try to blog about something original because no one wants to read a blog that is the same as all the others. Blog as often as you can (and want to) and post nice, good quality pictures and interesting writing. Only post what you are proud of and most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun !

Can I interview you on my blog ?
Sure, I love doing interviews for other peoples lovely blogs, just send me a quick email HERE and I will get back to you as soon as possible !

Where else can I find you on social media ?

If you have another question that is not here, you can ask me on instagram or send me an email HERE

ella x

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