Sunday, 24 May 2015


Lately I have been feeling very inspired... inspired to create wonderful things and go amazing places and meet amazing people and to have adventures. Here is a small collection of what has been inspiring me a lot lately... 

(all images are from pinterest)

BECI ORPIN- on Saturday I went into the city to my favourite places in Sydney called The Galeries. It has so many amazing shops like Gorman, MUJI, Monster Threads and the incredible bookstore Kinokuniya, which is where I went and met Beci Orpin ! I watched her do a little talk about her books and then did a small craft workshop and Beci also signed all three of my books. Beci is pretty much the nicest person I have ever met, she is just so lovely. Thank you for having me Kinokuniya and Beci, I had so much fun !

CARA DELEVINGNE- I have been very inspired by Cara lately. I think she is really beautiful and has such a positive outlook on life. She encourages everyone to be themselves and love themselves ! I also just LOVE her eyebrows !

CAT RABBIT- I have always loved Cat Rabbit, her artwork and her plushies. I hope I can one day own a Cat Rabbit artwork or plushie of my own. I especially love the squish face cats and alpacas, they're just TOO CUTE !

CACTI- I really love cacti and succulents... its just such a shame I can't keep them alive, even my air plants are dying ! RIP to the many many plants I have killed, sorry I forgot to water you and your friends.

TRAVEL- at the moment I have a very long list of places I would adore to visit, including Japan, Mexico, Bali, India and the Maldives. You can check out my pinterest board about travel HERE

Its getting very close to my birthday too which is VERY exciting, I can't wait to turn fourteen ! I have also been making a few little changes to my blog and I now have a FAQ page and a page of even more inspiration. You can have a look at the top of the page underneath the header. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a very INSPIRING week ahead !

lots of love, ella x


  1. Also, Cara was kick-ass in Taylor Swift's new video! Hot x

  2. I love Cara! She's so cool and seems so natural :)

  3. thanks for the inspiration! ah yes cara is a goddess, and that is so amazing that you met Beci Orpin!! x

    1. Thank you zoë - hope you enjoyed this post ! YES, it was so amazing to meet Beci Orpin I was soooo excited. Isn't Cara just the best ? I am SO excited to see the new Paper Towns movie that she is in x.