Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Hi there, how as your week been so far ? WOWee... I have been so swept up in a whirlwind of busy that I have completely and utterly neglected this lonely little blog. I am hoping to slowly get back into the habit of blogging regularly, but for now here's a little life update ... my poor laptop has a rather large crack across the screen (which seems to have grown overnight), the plants in my room are dying again, I finally managed to sort of clean my room (you can actually see the floor for the first time in a month) and I have a maths test on Friday. OH dear. Here are some things I've been loving at the moment...

FAVE MOVIE: Paper Towns

FAVE ICE-CREAM: Vegan brownie slider sandwich with chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookie ice-cream at Gelato Blue (oh.em.geeee)

FAVE SONGS: Smile by Mikky Ekko, Midnight City by M83, The Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine and Hallelujah I Love Her So by Ray Charles

FAVE CLOTHES: Gorman, Gorman and more Gorman. Its a very expensive obsession which is brilliant for my wardrobe, but terribly dangerous for my wallet (which is now quite empty).

FAVE BREAKFASTS: Banana nice-cream, vegan scrambled "egg", avocado on fresh gluten free bread from the market, rainbow fruity porridge and coconut yogurt with banana and homemade gluten free granola.

FAVE PLACES: Sydney City, Purikura Photobooth and Newtown.

Thanks for reading !!! 
Hope you have an awesome week - what have you been loving lately ? 

much love, ella x


  1. Ahh what a cute post! I can totally understand you, posting regular can be a little difficult when you have to waste your time on maths haha! But I love that update on the little things in your life and the ice cream obsession we obviously share!! :)


    1. Yes, I know, its hard to find the time to post a god quality blog post during busy everyday life but hey I manage it when I can and I still love to blog when I find the time !!! Life updates are the best and so are VEGAN ICE-CREAM BROWNIE SLIDERS omggggg. Thanks for your lovely comment xx

  2. Are you vegan? I just recently went vegan haha xxx

    1. Hey Miranda, yes I am vegan ! Congrats - veganism is the best thing everrr. Stay tuned for some vegan recipes soon x