Friday, 21 February 2014

h e l l o !

hello! this is my very first blog post, so let me introduce myself with 20 facts about ME!

  1. my name is ella
  2. i love kitty-cats
  3. i love doing craft and DIY
  4. my favourite colours are pink, yellow, purple and aqua (because i can't decide on one!)
  5. i love writing lists and wish lists
  6. i recently won a wonderful instagram competition by the lovely miss zali ( whose blog you should really go check out here because it is utterly amazing) 
  7. i have the best pen pal EVER who also has an utterly amazing blog here
  8. "utterly" is my favourite word
  9. i love frankie magazine
  10. my favourite foods are salt and vinegar crisps, watermelon, pineapple and scrumptious smoothies
  11. i am a vegetarian
  12. you will usually find me doing cartwheels, bouncing on my beloved trampoline, on instagram ( @utterlyella ) or standing on my head (being a yogi! he he)
  13. i LOVE confetti
  14. i love reading and i am a particularly fast reader
  15. i wear a bow in my hair with (almost) EVERY outfit i wear!
  16. i love to wear frilly socks!
  17. i am very lucky to be going to Borneo this year, i am very excited and will most DEFINITELY blog lots about that 
  18. i love love LOVE kikki k SO much i could LIVE in there
  19. i can speak, write and read (some) Japanese
  20. i love blogs!

i hope you enjoyed reading 20 facts about ME and i would love to know 20 facts about YOU, so feel free to tell me in the comments below. i hope you enjoy utterly ella blog and i plan to post lots of fun stuff like crafts, favourites, fashion and lots of other wonderfulness!

byeeee ! ella x.


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful blog , Ella ! Here are 20 fun facts about me ( different from the one on my blog ! )
    1. I love sonny angels and I have 4 of them
    2. I lost 3 baby teeth this week and the Tooth Fairy brought me some Typo loveheart sewing pins and 2 gold coins.
    3. I bought a copy of Frankie magazine this week
    4. I have Sectoral Heterochromia in my left eye which means my eyes are green but one has a brown spot in it .
    5. As I am typing this we have just had a power blackout.
    6. Inside my wardrobe , I have inspirational pictures and photos of my friends , including you !
    7. I have just started tennis lessons
    8. My favourite baby toy is a blue mouse wearing pink and yellow tights named Zoe.
    9. If i was born a boy my name would have been Flynn.
    10. My favourite Lorde song is TEAM
    11. I have a mini horse figurine with wings called Horatio
    12. Today in school I got 25 out of 25 for a spelling test
    13. I love flamingos
    14. My favourite scent and ice cream flavour is vanilla bean
    15. I have a Peppa Pig caravan sitting on my desk
    16. The beatles are my favourite band
    17. I have a pink cacti named pinky
    18. This week i learnt a bridge stand up in gymnastics
    19. My favourite books are : flora and ulysess , the fluerville trilogy , a beautiful mess, find and keep and the tree house books
    20! I am a snail mail lover

    1. hello india! i love your 20 facts, and we are SO alike! i have bought the frankie this week, my favourite LORDE song is Team, i love flamingos, i just LOVE vanilla bean ice-cream and smell, i have a spiky cactus called spike and i love getting snail mail! but i don't have any sonny angels (so SAD!). hehehe. thank you for your lovely comment! ella x

  2. good morning ella i'm struggling a little bit with blogger would you please be able to help me?

    1. hi paris ! sure i would love to help ! you can email me your problems on my contact page ! hope i can help x