Friday, 21 February 2014

utterly amazing artists

HELLO ! I love art - it is a very unique and wonderful thing and one thing I love about it is there can be SO many types of artists- street artists, painters, drawers, graphic design artists, photographers, crafters... so today I thought I would share with you, some of my many favourite artists !

Beci Orpin
Gosh I really do love Beci's work ! Its all so inspiring and colourful and her books are UTTERLY AMAZING. Her house is awesome too (it was in the latest yen magazine) and she does wonderful collaborations with other brands - such as these chocolates called 'YUM YUM ART'. I wouldn't even be able to eat them they are so pretty !

Koralie is a street artist/graffiti artist and she puts so much work and detail into her work, its UTTERLY INCREDIBLE. Her partner is also a graffiti artist so they work together and make amazing pieces. 

There is a really amazing video of Koralie and her partner Supakitch working together - and you can see that here . It really is breathtaking watching them and how much detail they put into their work.

Oana Befort
Oana's work is so pretty and her watercolours are UTTERLY AMAZING ! AND she has a blog full of gorgeous photos and her gorgeous work. I think watercolours are so beautiful and I think her work is immensely beautiful because watercolour is hard to master and she most definitely has !

Kitiya's work is so fun and colourful- its hard not to like it ! She has an UTTERLY WONDERFUL thing called the craft bike - craft on wheels! What a wonderful invention. Kitiya also has workshops on how to make tutti fruity PINATAS !!! She gift wraps in the most fun and colourful way possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite artists ! Who are some of YOUR favouritest artists ? 
ella x

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