Friday, 7 March 2014

indiakitty interview

hello! today we have a very utterly exciting thing on the blog! a. very. amazing. interview. with. my. wonderful. friend. and. best. pen. pal. i n d i a k i t t y ! YAY! so exciting! sooooooo, lets get started!

hi india! welcome to utterly ella blog! tell us a bit about yourself!

hi! thanks for featuring me on your blog today! i love blogging, kitty-cats and watermelon. oh and reading utterly ella blog!

what inspired you to start a blog?

all the other bloggers in the blog world! he he. i have been reading blogs for AGES so i thought it would be really fun to start one!

what is your favourite thing about blogging?

i love blogging because i love sharing my ideas and showing people how to do things.

what are your favourite blogs?

well i could go on and on but i will just say my top 3 favourite: utterly ella blog, miss zali blog , and a little birdy blog.

what are 5 things you can't live without?

1. sonny angels

2. snail mail

3. my iPad

4. my kitty-cat Nico, or just animals and cats in general

5. watermelon juice!

what is your favourite outfit at the moment?

my favourite outfit is my frilly socks, clear jellies, overalls and my unicorn sweater.

thank you so much india for the utterly wonderful interview today!

byeeeee! ella x.

ps. look at these utterly wonderful yellow poof-ball flowers my lovely mum got me! ah so W O N D E R F U L ! i have been trying to find out what they are called, but i can't find a name! help! comment if you know! thank youuuuu!


  1. That's really cool ❤️�� hehe love your blog loads xoxo

    1. thanks alanna! your blog is very cute x x x

  2. The flowers are called pom pom daliahs xxx