Thursday, 13 March 2014

planet pinterest

hello! recently, i have been living on a different planet. yes. a C O M P L E T E L Y different planet. and that planet is called planet pinterest. ah yes. you are probably wondering, "what goes on at planet pinterest?". well, here is a small snippet of some of the very interesting (or should i say pinteresting? :-) )wonderfulness in planet pinterest... 
 everyone has a pool and they all look like this and it is illegal not to have a giant swan
 it rains watermelon
 dancing in glitter is a daily activity
 mushroom carousels are VERY common, AND they are free to ride
 each and every beach is dotted with colourful umbrellas
 EVERY house is painted pink
 everyone rides a craft bike
 this is the normal ferry
we eat sprinkles on toast for breakfast 

would YOU like to join me in planet pinterest? what planet have YOU been living in lately?

byeeeee! ella x.


  1. Hi ella ! I love this post ! I would LOVE to join you in planet pinterest as that is where i am currently living ! I love your new header ! Indiakitty X x

    1. hi india! thank you! yay! lets go to planet pinterest together! i love it too! so confetti-ish!!!ella x x x

  2. Hi Ellla! I utterly love Pinterest! Your new header is AMAZING! xx Xanthe

    1. hello xanthe! i love pinterest SOOOOOO much! your pinterest is so pretty and utterly wonderful! thank you, i do love my header too! ella x x x