Saturday, 28 June 2014

DIY heart garland

h e l l o ! how are you all on this windy winters day ?? today i will be sharing my very first DIY post on how to make this origami heart garland ! y a y ! this DIY is adorable and SO easy.

heres what you will need to make this cute garland !

- origami paper
-string or twine
-washi tape or tape

step 1: make the origami heart. here are pictures in order of how to make one.

step 2: now you have this shape ( above ) flip it over to the back and fold over the pointy parts so it now looks like this ( below ) from the front

step 3: make some more hearts. i made about 8 for my garland.
step 4: take your hearts and string and tuck the sting behind the little flaps at the top of the heart. secure the string with tape.

step 5: do this with all your hearts until you have stuck them all on. hang up your garland with washi tape and enjoy !
i hope you enjoyed this DIY post ! if you do make this DIY please send a picture to me via email or instagram ! i hope to post more DIY posts. 

bye ! xo.


  1. This is adorable ! I can't wait to meet you ! Bring your sonny angels ! I am so making one of these for my room ! Xoxoxo

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