Thursday, 10 July 2014

meeting india

oh hello there ! 

did you know that i have the most wonderful pen pal ever in existence ?? well if you didn't know, you can take a quick look at here blog >HERE< and instagram >HERE< 

anyhoo, just last week i had the most UTTERLY AMAZING time MEETNG INDIA !!!! after 27 weeks of wonderful snail mail we finally met ! yay ! india was e v e r y t h i n g i imaged and MORE ( and a bit shorter ) !

gifts and smiles were exchanged and we fulfilled our pen-pal dreams and ate pink donuts and drank tea together on the beach ! then we cartwheeled along the beach in our overalls and pineapple glasses.

then we headed of to Sea World !

later we cartwheeled along the beach as the sun set and threw confetti absolutely everywhere. 

it was uber super duper. BUT it wasn't over yet and then next day we went to Wet And Wild and screamed an awful lot and got wet and cold but it was still the best fun EVER. 

and sadly, after many goodbyes and hugs we had to part. but my oh my did i have the best time ever. thank you india for being ever so wonderful. i can't wait to see you again soon !

i hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my adventures with india !

keep it peachy, ella xo.

ps. please follow india and mines joined instagram account - @thebppclub ! we are going to post pen pal tips, letter pictures, pictures of us both  and maybe fun giveaways ! thanks all !!


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    1. thank you so much ! comments like this really make my day. mind following ?? thanks x

  2. these are so freaking cute I wish I could meet my internet/pen pal friends but my mom is just not comfortable with me meeting them :/